KongreTube is a widget which allows you to watch YouTube videos while you chat on Kongregate. KongreTube is an updated version of YouKongregate by the same developer. The name was changed by popular demand and there was a forum vote to decide the new name.


KongreTube allows you to watch videos from YouTube as you chat. It also gives you access to other YouTube functions for the video you are watching, such as the Description, Comments and Suggested videos. You can log in to your YouTube account and gain access to your favorites and playlists.

The widget allows you to create mashups by combining two videos together. Just pick two YouTube videos and the program loads both videos in the same window. You can play them both at the same time or play around with them. Mashups can be shared with other users through the the Shared Content API, similar to sharing userlevels in other games. You can listen to SHOUTcast radio stations on the widget. If you wish to promote a certain radio station, the API allows you to share your favorite station. You can find new friends by using the in-game chat, which connects you to the Omegle chat servers. In the Options & Themes tab there is a mini shooting gallery game.

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