Launch a rocket into the skies with the goal of reaching space in the shortest amount of days possible.

Made by BarbarianGames

Instructions Edit

You can change controls in settings screen (button at the bottom of the shop screen) Keyboard: Left / Right – to turn  Down – turn of the main engine Up – use boosters

Or Mouse control: – The rocket will turn to the cursor – Move the cursor close to the rocket to turn of the engine – Hold left mouse button to use boosters

Achievements Edit

Aerospace Funding Plan B (Easy) Edit

5 money items collected (single flight)

Straight to the Moon (Medium) Edit

Game Completed

3,720 to 1 (Hard) Edit

250,000 feet reached (no damage taken) – Lightning is okay. The biggest hull might not be the most ideal for earning this badge.

Trivia Edit

The damage when you hit objects depends on speed. So if you can’t avoid an object, try to slow down before you hit it. If the speed is to high you can turn off the engine some times, the fuel is not spending while it is off.

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