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This room is dedicated to Indonesians as The "Tempat Nongkrong" a.k.a The Hang-Out.. Though all foreigners are still welcomed, to be also noted we speak English and Indonesian language only ;) This room was made by DiditzZz, phoenix5a, lexus_12, akantor28, and faridz101. Months later, this room was given to HellTemplar.

You can read more here.


DiditzZz: a great, friendly guy. He is also a developer. Juze taught him to create games. He is also very well known to be having one of the highest AI-killer amount in the game Starfighter Disputed Galaxy back before the game was hacked. He reached roughly 157,000 kills and has made a fame through that ever since.

HellTemplar: He's the friendly room owner who has been on Kongregate since September 2008.

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