Welcome to The Indigo Plateau


Chatfrak Shotgun Extreme 9000

In July 2010, Kongregate wanted to create a chat room to promote use of Reddit, a link aggregation website. Suggestions and voting took place on the Reddit site. Jim couldn't decide on the three top alternatives, Chatfrak Shotgun Extreme 9000, Redditorium and Kongreddit, so he made rooms with all three names.

In Febuary 2012, the room name was changed to Everfree Forest by its new room owner Es337, and thus the first official brony room was created.

On August 6, 2013, the room name changed to Good Luck, Have Fun.

On March 26, 2014, the room was wisely changed back to The Everfree Forest.

At some point in June 2015, the room name became Indigo Plateau.

Indigo PlateauEdit

Archer face2

FrozenCereal Roomowner icon


JTtheLlama Moderator icon

Artist, streamer, moderator... capital gentleman.

h_EX Moderator icon

Is cool!

TheLinkToThePast Moderator icon


theo1 Moderator icon

That one guy. Doesn't typically show up nowadays, but don't tell him that.

MyNameIsNothingModerator icon

genki desu



Some other guy. Does school now?


Mr. Cake, also known as ManCake, lurks in the chatroom and occasionally speaks up. Die hard TwiDash fan, has been around since before the name change. (But rarely shows now)


He's the C to the A to the N-D-Y. He's the sweetest ass around, even ask Pinkie Pie! He's Candylicious. Also, twice as nerdy as CakeTown0z. Will answer to "sweetcheeks", "sugarybooty" or "glazed bum". (Also rarely shows)


Probably still exists!


She's a easy to get along user. Is sometimes (read: almost always) confused by the antics of a weird pink pie..


Wearer of shorts, Player of games, Maker of regrettable life decisions. (Rarely shows.)


Crazy ass mutha f***er! He'll shot u ded in the stret bruhSoManyWonders987
He smells sexy.


A lurker who generally lurks about for reasons related to the act of lurking.


I'm a typically quiet, but very friendly person. I can beRoyRoyTsundpherebit impulasive, but I'm generally withstandable. Usually, you can find me on one of several accounts. TehRainbowDash, OhLooksFluttershy, TehCloudchaser, or select others. If you're kind enough, and you actually don't hate me. (rarely shows

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