Welcome to Incandescent Alpacas, where alpacas rule and emit great amounts of light!!

Alpacas with machete


  • Keep it pg13! No nude images and stuff like that.
  • Don't harass others! That means no bullying.
  • No roleplaying! Join a different room for that.
  • Don't spam! Don't get butthurt when you're reported.
  • Cursing is okay, as long as it's not used to harass others.
  • Have fun, dammit, or you'll be asked to leave.


Owner: OneToughChick

Mods: Maraklov, I_am_a_Jelly


Provide some information about yourself and please keep it alphabetized.

Cyrx Not seriously

DragonDew I'm a Kittysnake!

Frooop A nice encounter for those who dread encounters. Also old, but I've forgotten.  

Kensagaku Doesn't know how to say goodbye before leaving without any warning...

Maraklov Super awesome mod who loves to chat with people and use his ban hammer of justice!

OneToughChick  THE Spiffy, chat's designated crazy cat lady and Hitler reincarnated.

SKycloud1518 doesn't believe that OTC and Trucky are engaged. Hates the username 'Trucky'. Realizes that saying your Hitler incarnate is stupid.

Trucksaw Awesome person who is engaged to OTC.

Zerataku Lurker extraordinaire.

Some random things about the chat :)Edit

Favorite ice creams:

-Party Cake, Peanut butter pandemonium, mint chocochip, chocolate, Neapolitan, and cookie dough

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