Room HistoryEdit

Its old room name was Siloportknio and was originally created on April 22, 2011 by Administrators. Since then, the room was never very popular and regulars were very sparse. Therefore, knio requested a change of name on February 13, 2012. knio originally came from Scribbles before claiming this chatroom.

Room DescriptionEdit

"Let your imagination run wild..."

The room's name is largely based off of the album with the same name by Terry Scott Taylor. The Imaginarium is the original soundtrack for three games created by Douglas TenNapel: the Neverhood (1996; PC), Skullmonkeys (1998; PS1) and Boombots (1999; PS1). Alternatively, an imaginarium is a freeflowing place where imagination is allowed to flourish.


Yet to be determined.

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