How to Raise a Dragon is a pixelart adventure game in which the choices you make affect your dragon and decides what kind of dragon it becomes when it grows up. This interactive story has several potential outcomes and plays from your dragon hatching from an egg to a fully grown dragon.


The game starts with your dragon hatching from an egg. The game begins with your dragon breaking out of your egg, all alone in the middle of the forest. There are a number of different plants and bugs to eat. Your actions in this first stage determines the color of your dragon. On each stage, you move around freely and there are plenty of things to eat. Early on, you can only jump, as you progress you'll be able to double jump or even use the jump button to fly even further up. Once your dragon gets old enough, you can use one of four different breath weapons.

The story unfolds over four chapters, each with different things to see and do. While you can run through the entire game in under five minutes, you'd be missing a lot of the content. The second chapter is where your decisions start to have real importance, so take your time, explore, and consider your options. Once you complete the story, the game allows you to return to any chapter you like and play from there on. It's a nice touch that lets you really explore everything the story has to offer, testing the outcome of particular choices, without necessarily replaying the entire thing.


Dragon's Tale
  Dragon's Tale Badge
Easy pts
How to Raise a Dragon » Complete your dragon's adventurous life
Keep 'Em Guessing
  Keep 'Em Guessing Badge
Medium pts
How to Raise a Dragon » Unlock all 7 behaviors and all 4 titles

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