Hello there! This is Home Grown (formerly known as Home!)

Home was originally created by for Josten.

Room Owners/Moderators

Current moderators that are online most of the time.

Former ROs/Mods

Jelly profile pic


Authority that hasn't been active in the past months.


The people you'll find chatting regularly.

  • death46Developer icon  Vipe
  • IFUPT Aiden
  • pantherprints One of the room's many stalkers, likes the taste of human flesh, humans eat inferior species all the time, so why can't she?
  • t55656n- ("T5-sama") I am T, lord of the jumbless. Master of cardigans and scarer of kittens...
  • ViiPeer- Diplomatic Supreme leader of the United Provinces of Mexicania. Doesn't really come to home much any more.

Former Regs

Users that very infrequently or never get on chat.

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