HitBox is a puzzle game developed by gameshot and published on Jun. 02, 2016.


The point of hitBox is to move your black box from one block to another. In hitBox, connect, disconnect and fling your hitBox through the screen to reach the portal boxes to take you to the next level. The first few levels of hitBox are easy, but moving through the levels the box don’t line up in with ease any more. Eventually, portal box are in harder to reach spots, and figuring how to move your hitBox becomes increasingly difficult. If you’re up for the challenge, try your hand and box slinging skills with hitBox.


Boundary Issues Badge
  Boundary Issues Badge
Medium pts
HitBox » Complete all 46 levels


HitBox Walkthrough - Levels 1-46-011:12

HitBox Walkthrough - Levels 1-46-0

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