Hegemony Tournament Logo

Current Game: Last Egg AliveEdit

Begins: 9/24/10 at 12:00pm EST

Ends: 9/28/10 at 12:00am EST


The tournament is discontinued, and a winner has been chosen.

If you are entering the tournament please leave The_Hegemony a shout or whisper on his profile.

If you fail to do this before the end of the tournament your score will be invalid and you will not be ranked.

Current Scores

Onemetallica1 11,700
JoshinatorKY 10,658
An_Alien 10,008
uuu2 8,522
I_like_games 8,237
NeilYoung 5,841
MrWeirdo 3,946

1st Tournament: Winged BulletEdit

Final Scores


JoshinatorKY 3703
OneMetallica1 2658
Lilioukalani 2126
Zaro 1640
UUU2 1600
ToxicWizard 1407
Nero42 1393
EnCFusion 1270
Pando 1068
DesiredCalibur 1018
Mypasswordispie 986
Booya1214 787
An Alien 780
NahTano 724
Zirkx 362
ToastyPancakes 293
Hobo33 280


Congrats to Devlini who won the first ever Hegemony Mini Tournament!

He will recieve some sort of (none physical) prize! (as soon as I figure out what the prize will be XD)

People placing in 1st, 2nd and 3rd may also add a special icon to their avatar indicating they are the current Top Hegemony Gamers.

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