Grid16 is a collection of mini-games played in rapid succession. Pan, zoom, and slide through 16 different pint-sized games. The game was made by jmtb02 back when he was working for ArmorGames.


The goal of Grid16 is simply to stay alive as long as possible. There are 16 mini-games, each designed as a video game archetype, playing on core gaming knowledge. At the start of the game, all 16 mini-games are active and one randomly chosen game zooms to the foreground. Every few seconds, the current mini-game will pause, retreat into the background, and be replaced by another game at random. When you fail at a mini-game, it is removed from your pool of games and only your remaining active games will be among those randomly chosen for you to play. All of these games are controlled using the arrow keys, but what they control and how they handle is different in each game. Your objective also differs in each of these mini-games, but it almost always boils down to either touching something or avoiding something. Each game is designed around simplicity and you should quickly pick up what to do in each game.

In order to keep things interesting, a speed multiplier gradually counts up as you play. The speed increases at regular intervals, eventually doubling the pace of the game, tripling it, and more, with no limit in sight. When you fail at a game it disappears from the line-up, and when you've lost all 16, the entire game ends, leaving you with your highscore and the allure of trying to play the game again.


Sweet Grid16
  Sweet Grid16 Badge
Easy pts
Grid16 » Reach a x3 multiplier
Microgame Masochist
  Microgame Masochist Badge
Hard pts
Grid16 » Prove that you can play minigames long after they stop being enjoyable by getting a x5 multiplier

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