Gravitee 2 is a golf game set in space. You have to shoot the golf ball between planets to hit the goal on the target planet. The game lets you sling your ball out into the cosmos, whipping around planets and barreling through hoops. The gravity of the planets is vital to the path of your shot. It is the sequel to Gravitee.


Your mouse controls nearly everything. Just click on the ball and drag to shoot. Depending on the level's goal, you'll need to send the ball through a series of hoops in the correct order, make a shot through a single gate or collect a number of little green balls. There's also a Points stage, which is full of hoops, pick-ups, and planets, with the goal being to accumulate as many points as possible. Each level has a par number of shots to spend.

On larger levels, the arrow keys will let you scroll far enough to see all elements of the level.

Just as the previous game, this game uses Newtonian physics, meaning that the every planet on the level actually has a gravity field that pulls on your ball and affects its path. Gravitational pull can either help or hinder you, depending on where you need the ball to end up. Instead of sand traps and water hazards, space has suns that will destroy your ball if you get too close and wormholes for warping from one side of the screen to the other.  You can also lose a ball when it goes out of bounds.  A neat little feature is the preview line, which shows the anticipated path of the ball.

There are 90 awards in the game. There are 6 different rewards that makes gameplay easier that unlocks when getting a certain number of awards. With every award you unlock, the preview line gets longer, making shots easier to plan even as the levels get more difficult. The game also features a level editor for users to create levels and share the level code with other players.


Where No Golfer Has Gone Before
  Where No Golfer Has Gone Before Badge
Easy pts
Gravitee 2 » Unlock 10 courses
Well Rounded
  Well-Rounded Badge
Medium pts
Gravitee 2 » Earn any 45 awards
Gold Club Member
  Gold Club Member Badge
Hard pts
Gravitee 2 » Earn at least a gold star on all 40 courses

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