Gravitee is a golf game set in space. You have to shoot the golf ball between the planets in order to reach the hole on the target planet. The game revolves around using the gravity of planets to guide your ball to the hole on each course. There is an action shooter spin-off game to the series called Gravitee Wars.


Your mouse controls everything. Just click on the ball and drag to shoot. There are 10 tournaments of increasing difficulty and each of them have 9 courses to beat. On each course, the goal is to get the ball to the goal hoop in the fewest amount of shots. Your total amount of shots throughout the tournament decides which medal you get from each tournament. To get a goal medal, you can't spend more than 4 shots on each course. In order to get a platinum medal, you need to turn off the preview line and finish a tournament while not spending more than 4 shots on each course.

Gravitee uses Newtonian physics, meaning that the every planet on a course has a gravity field that pulls on your ball and affects its path. Gravitational pull can either help or hinder you, depending on where you need the ball to end up. Instead of sand traps and water hazards, space is littered with suns that will destroy your ball if you get too close. There are two features to help you through the game, both of which can be switched off. The preview line shows the anticipated path of the ball or at least the start of the path. If you switch on planet masses, you can see the mass of each planet and thus calculate how much each planet pulls on the ball.


  Hitchhiker Badge
Easy pts
Gravitee » Visit 30 planets
Achievement Completionist
  Achievement Completionist Badge
Hard pts
Gravitee » Complete every single last achievement possible
Interstellar Golf Deity
  Interstellar Golf Deity Badge
Impossible pts
Gravitee » Guide your shots to their destinations without the help of shot-indicators to earn 10 platinum medals

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