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Granny Strikes Back is a top-down view shooter with tower defense elements. It was developed by Silen Games.

Game DescriptionEdit

An epic shooter with time management, tower defence and RPG elements.

This story happened in deep forest, where old Granny lived far away from civilization. One day a flying saucer crashed near her house, and Granny’s peaceful life came to an end…

Game features:

- Shoot your enemies with an unusual gun that shoots fruit and vegetables!

- Grow various plants to get ammo!

- Build defence structures to protect your border and house from enemies!

- Gain experience, improve your skills, get money and buy useful items in the shop.

- Complete 50 missions with 5 different modes and complete 100 unique quests to gain all achievements and unlock more exciting challenges!


  Retirement Plan Badge
Easy pts
Granny Strikes Back » Open 5 chests
  Senior Citizen Badge
Medium pts
Granny Strikes Back » Reach granny level 20
  Snow Problem Badge
Hard pts
Granny Strikes Back » Unlock all 84 stars

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