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Globetrotter XL is a knowledge game about geography. In this game, you must find famous cities worldwide and improve your geographic skills.


The game gives you the name of a city and you have to place it on the world map within the time limit. The closer your guess is to the correct answer, the more points you get. Each round, you have a number of cities to place and a target score. As you progress through the rounds, it gets increasingly difficult.


Dartboard Practice
  Dartboard Practice Badge
Easy pts
Globetrotter XL » Score a mere 1,000 points
Path to Edumacations
  Path to Edumacations Badge
Medium pts
Globetrotter XL » Reach level 5
Attractive American
  Attractive American Badge
Hard pts
Globetrotter XL » Don't be an ugly American. Achieve a perfect strike and complete all 10 levels

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