Kongregate continuously offers weekly and monthly contests for the highest rated games that were published within the contest time-frame. There are cash prizes and the top prize is $1500.

The contestsEdit

Every game uploaded to Kongregate is eligible to compete for the weekly and monthly prizes, whether or not these games are also uploaded to other sites. Winners are determined solely by the rating system on the site where any user may vote once per game. A game must have a minimum of 10 votes to compete in the Weekly contest and 30 votes to compete in the monthly contest. In order to be able to claim the monthly prizes, games must also implement Kongregate's Statistics API. Kongregate retains the right to exclude votes that they feel were made in a fraudulent manner. This is to prevent a developer with multiple accounts to upvote his/her game. The same goes for encouraging fans to create multiple accounts to upvote or downvote games. All uploaded games participating in these contests are also fully eligible for ad revenue share.



1st: $250
2nd: $150
3rd: $150


1st: $1500
2nd: $1000
3rd: $700
4th: $500
5th-9th: $250 each

Helpful LinksEdit

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