Fragger is a launcher game in which you must blow-up the opposition with your sweet grenade skills. You must calculate your aim and force correctly to kill as many opponents as you can with as few grenades as possible.


MOUSE – Aim and shoot by moving the mouse and clicking. Set the power by dragging the mouse towards or away form the grenade’s origin. SPACE – Cancel a thrown grenade. R – Retry the level. M – Return to Level Select menu. Q – Toggle rendering quality.


Blow-up the opposition with your sweet grenade skills! Play through 30 levels of fun, physics-based, puzzle goodness. With 3 Difficulties to beat, each with unlocking a new perk. Every higher difficulty gives you greater point rewards. Including 11 achievements to collect. And funny looking enemies!


  • Grenadier 1 - Terminate 15 enemies
  • Grenadier 2 - Terminate 30 enemies
  • Grenadier 3 - Terminate 60 enemies
  • Fragmaster Novice - Beat the game on Normal difficulty
  • Fragmaster Advance - Beat the game on Hard difficulty
  • Fragmaster Elite - Beat the game on Elite difficulty
  • 2 Grunts, 1 Stone - Terminate 2 enemies with 1 grenade
  • Beat 'em Up - Hit an enemy with grenades 7 times
  • Red Ross - Enrage an enemy
  • Dead Ross - Terminate an enraged enemy
  • Down and Out - Terminate an enemy by dropping him out of bonds


2grunts1stone Badge
  2 Grunts, 1 Stone Badge
Easy pts
Fragger » Kill 2 grunts with a single grenade
  Down and Out Badge
Easy pts
Fragger » Kill a grunt by knocking him off the screen
  Fragmaster Badge
Medium pts
Fragger » Complete all 30 levels


Fragger (Normal - Elite) Level 1-30 - Walkthrough10:05

Fragger (Normal - Elite) Level 1-30 - Walkthrough

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