Four Second Frenzy is an action game consisting of multiple mini-games. In this game, various mini-games (entitled Microgames by the author) are played in rapid succession, each one lasting only 4 seconds.

It was developed and uploaded by John "jmtb02" Cooney, and sponsored by ArmorGames. It's a sequel to "Four Second Fury", and over 26 artists and programmers participated on this collaboration, according to John.

"The rules of each game are vague, so learn the rules quick!" —— jmtb02


The game is fully playable without the use of a mouse, except for the title screen. Use the arrow keys and spacebar to play the Microgames.


The game consists of 50 random Microgames and 3 different modes. The Endurance Mode is the one used for the badge. In it, the player has 10 lives and has to play through all 50 Microgames, then beat a boss, then play more Microgames until he dies. The game only uses the spacebar and the arrow keys, with each Microgame lasting for four seconds, with a short explanation of what the player needs to do appearing on the screen for a couple milliseconds, usually not being very clear about the game's objective.

After one Microgame is successfully completed, an encouraging remark appears, such as "Great!" or "Bodacious!", or, alternatively, if the player fails then a mean message appears, such as "Boo!!".

There is also the Normal Mode, consisting of 20 random Microgames and 7 lives. However, if one desires a huge challenge, one should play the Sudden Death Mode, in which the player must complete all 50 Microgames with only one life.


32337 newgrounds death

ZeRo-BaSs - Death Trigger

21565 newgrounds atomic

ZeRo-BaSs - Atomic Trigger 2

The game contains two soundtracks, both of which were composed by ZeRo-BaSs, an artist from Italy. One of them loops in the main menu, called "Death Trigger", and the other one loops while the game is being played, called "Atomic Trigger 2".


  Frantic Frenzy Badge
Hard pts
Four Second Frenzy » Complete Endurance Mode


  • It is highly requested for there to be an Impossible Badge for completing Sudden Death Mode, however, the chances of that happening are massively slim.
  • Many people think the game was purely done by John (jmtb02), however, this is actually a collaborative project between over 26 programmers and artists.
  • On the corner of each Microgame, there is a banner showing which artist created that game.

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