Run, jump, double-jump, glide and kick your way through a series of creatures in this Armageddon style running game, collect multipliers and aim for a high score.

Game made by Benrad

Instructions Edit

Use your keyboard arrows, or the mouse to control your character. You can not use both. Depending what you choose: -Up Arrow to jump and all that. Other keys will be used for combos. or -Mouse click to jump and all.

Achievements Edit

Man of Steel (Easy) Edit

Enemy killed in Superman mode

Dragon Rider (Medium) Edit

Dragon tamed

Flood Runner Pro Badge (Medium) Edit

1,000,000 high score

Maxing Multiplier (Hard) Edit

Multiplier maxed (50x)

Tips & Tricks Edit

The dragon announces its presence with a roar. Get up high and await his arrival!

Avoid enemies unless you're spinning or on fire. Being on fire for too long is hazardous. Glide through updrafts if you're low.

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