Flight is a launch game where you throw a paper plane as far as you can. The background story is simple, but really sweet. The paper airplane is made from a letter to Santa Clause. The letter is from a little girl whose only Christmas wish is to see her mother again. The paper airplane does not quite make it to the North Pole on the first throw, but goes from person to person until it reaches its goal.


At the start of a level, click on the paper plane and hold down the left mouse button. Flick the mouse and release the mouse button to let the airplane fly. Once you've purchased the rudder upgrade, you can steer the plane using the arrow keys. During flight, you can pick up stars which grant you cash you can use to upgrade your plane. There is a large number of upgrades available. Most of them are passive upgrades, but there are a few active upgrades which allow you to steer the plane and activate a speed boost.

The farther you manage to fling the paper airplane, the farther the plane actually travels towards its destination. On the way to the North Pole, the plane passes through different locations. In each location, the recipient reads the letter, writes a reply letter and uses this letter for the airplane. Where the plane lands is where you start your next throw, so even if you're struggling to throw the plane far, you will eventually reach the end.


Paper Money
  Paper Money Badge
Easy pts
Flight » Score $300 during a single throw
Special Delivery
  Special Delivery Badge
Medium pts
Flight » Complete your journey
Cheeves in the Breeze
  Cheeves in the Breeze Badge
Medium pts
Flight » Unlock any 15 in-game achievements
Stars in Spaaace
  Stars in Spaaace Badge
Hard pts
Flight » Collect 100 space stars during a single throw

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