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Feudalism is an open-world RPG in which the goal is to conquer every town on the map. Recruit troops at towns you control, buy better equipment, learn powerful skills and become the most powerful warrior and ruler of the whole world.


At the start of the game, the player chooses and customizes the stats on his hero. The player's starting location depends on the hero chosen. The player controls one hero and multiple hired units. While moving on the world map, you'll encounter random battles. You move from town to town gathering gold from quests, picking it up from enemies you kill and from selling their equipment. In your town, you can get quests for killing a specific group of enemies. Once you have leveled up your character and hired an army you can start taking over towns and hiring better men from your captured towns. When capturing towns there are more guards depending on the towns rating, shown by lit stars around the emblem in the top left of the town screen. When you capture all the cities of the world you win the game.


Errand Boy
  Errand Boy Badge
Easy pts
Feudalism » Every great leader needs to start somewhere! Earn 1000 gold
Strength of a Warrior
  Strength of a Warrior Badge
Medium pts
Feudalism » Deal at least 500 damage with a single hit
High Warlord
  High Warlord Badge
Hard pts
Feudalism » Any resistance will not be tolerated! Conquer all 32 cities

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