This is Fear of the Dark

Room descriptionEdit

Room Description:

The room for headbangers. denim vests, sordid pasts, fire starters, whirlwind reapers, comet riders, miscreants, gamers, dread minions, wastelanders, marauders, robotic overlords and everyone in between. UP THE IRONS


Fear of the Dark is ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬



1. Don't Spam. For the love of all that is unholy, don't spam. This also includes Caps Lock abuse and persistently disruptive nonsense.


2. This is an English only room. Norwegian will be tolerated.


3. Don't Role Play. This is not an RP friendly room.


4. Don't evade the filter.


5. Don't be a jerk. Respect other users on the site, especially the regulars


The History of Fear of the DarkEdit

Hypothesis was a secret chat room created by admins but, sadly, left off the list of public rooms. It has been secret for a year and no one knew about it until one day people started to find it trying out the room ID of 25718. After a lot of people started going there and admins found out about it, it wasn't kept secret anymore as now it's a regular English Chat. On December 10th 2012, DarkRainyKnight became the room-owner.

After their abolishment, former regulars of the chat rooms Midgard and The Crunchy have been encouraged to join Fear of the Dark.

On July 16th, 2013, DarkRainyKnight left ownership of Fotd for Your Pants new ventures.

On December 7, 2015, we lost our beloved room owner, Sillinde, after her mod status was revoked for as yet untold reasons. Many tears have been shed. Ownership of FOTD reverts back to Kongregate, until a new person steps up.

On December 17, 2015, Gwenhwyfar was made the new Room Owner of Fear of the Dark.

On (approximately) October 17, 2016, several rooms on Kongregate are being shut down. Fear of the Dark survived the cut, and will be welcoming refugees from all over, in particular users from Barrens, The Spiderweb, and The River. Mods from the River will also be given Ms in Fear of the Dark. We are also welcoming ShikuOkami, who moderated WolfPack and other rooms that are being shut down.

In Mid-October, 2017, ShikuOkami decided to depart Fear of the Dark for Cake Kong.



Room Owner of Fear of the Dark

One of the few non-robotic mods out there, has a sense of humor, is a self-appointed "Heavy Metal Mod".


Gwen's IRL brother. Doesn't care about your cola preferences.


Easily trolled. Room owner of Home. Has nice hair.


Some South American who got a lucky D20. Has hairy feet. Looks like Pepzi. Mods way too many rooms.


He is his own man. Hair status unknown. Can fit 7 navel orange segments in his mouth. UPDATE: Hair status discovered! Has okayish hair.


Formerly room owner of the River, but joined up with us after the 2016 room closures saw the demise of the River. He is now our most active mod and is a potato. 

"Anxiety is worrying that your life is collapsing around you. Depression is realizing it collapsed long ago and you're just stirring the rubble. " 


Another moderator from the River. Doesn't speak much, but is a lovely person.


Also came here from the River. Has been having computer troubles recently and thus hasn't been active as of late. We look forward to the resolution of those issues and their subsequent return.

Updated Dec 15 2017

Ex-Mods of FOTD Edit


Dark is a fun loving moderator with a very helpful and cheery nature “A hero made of rain" :). 

Seems to have disappeared after going into Yours Pants, and never returned. 


Modded here and went to some other rooms, has since quit Kongregate. 


Refugee Mod from the 2016 room closures who decided against merging with IndigoPlateau. Word on the street is that this wolf is really bad at poker. You should try and hustle him.

Became an ex-mod after some argument and he fled to another chat room.


Ex Global/Room owner of FOTD between DRK and Gwen.


Some Norwegian guy. Keeps odd hours. Has nice hair. No longer mods. You can find him in AAA usually, but he visits sometimes.


Some Finnish guy. He's pretty chill and fun to talk to. Officially quit Kong sometime in November 2016 and lost the M's he had.

Regs of FOTD (to be kept in alphabetical order) Edit

aclockworkorange: Crafty and creates wonderful knickknacks, including bong cozies.

archdudegargoyle: pretty cool critter.

AutumnBell: Fat, ugly dyke.

Ayrus: Former moderator of Barrens and Atlas Park. Came to Fear of the Dark after things didn't work out with Atlas Park. By far our most active person, he is a cool guy that loves to talk about food and science.

BaconOctopus: A recent visitor who ended up staying. Has things to say about stuff.

deafamily5: A good egg, doesn't care for labels, work a lot.

DrDickins: Changes accounts so often, its a wonder how he managed to get one name on here.

flapjack2704: An Irish lad from northern Ireland (but not NI). Twin of Light.

HappyAlcoholic: Somethingsomething a drug dealer.

LexiiLuv: Part troll, part bih, part reg.

martyn898: Martyn is 25 and lives in Scotland with his mum and dad. He goes to see a movie every tuesday morning and likes to talk about movies and the kids books that he reads. He means well but gets harassed a lot.

MewsicPrism: Originally from The River, has power to absorb other people's boobs, and wife of Shiku.

MSMCBadass: Resident Pond Life. He's 13 and we have no idea why he continues to talk in fear of the dark, considering that none of us have any interest in anything he has to say about anything.

Oralayne: A book

Piccolo_Junior: A former regular of Barrens and Atlas Park, followed Ayrus here. Likes sports and video games. Has an awesome girlfriend.

See_the_Stars: likes to hang out,but gets ignored and like to see the stars

tigol: The only things you'll see him contribute to a conversation are the following: Correcting grammar/spelling, pointing out how dumb someone is, shushing people.

TheDyingLight: Our wonderful cantankerous Irish person who followed Gwen into Fear of the Dark from the bowels of Bloons Tower Defense 5 chat. (Irish)

The_Lone_Pisces: Friend of Lexii. Can usually be found with lexii, bantering back and forth.v

YouDontGnomeMe: Originally from The River. Has a long and sordid past

Quotes to be remembered Edit

earlymcdade3: what gives u the right to treat peolple like your slaves


Ayrus: "Oralayne is like Reader's Digest. All sorts of random factoids of varying subjects, as well as levels of appeal."


See_The_Stars: i'll kindly leave and cease to exist cos i'm a failure


Destan: im a dude and i like peepee


Pepzi: DrD once sent me panties in the male


Vicodine: farts lmao


[4:34PM]mooey74: define 'right'

BoyFrogZeAwesome: Not left

Rebekkafire: lol true


[03:34 PM] martyn898: gwens awesome compared to pepzi and vic

[03:35 PM] pepzi: pfft

[03:35 PM] pepzi: that’s like calling a hamster awesome compared to a dog

[03:35 PM] pepzi: just ain’t true

[03:37 PM] martyn898: it is to me

[03:37 PM] pepzi: yeah well

[03:37 PM] Vicodine: Is it because I don’t have a penis

[03:37 PM] Vicodine: I mean

[03:37 PM] Vicodine: Is it because she doesn’t have a penis


[10:55 AM] martyn898: Borderlands 3 is coming, and everyone is probably going to die horribly

[10:55 AM] Gwenhwyfar: The two are not related.


[04:55 PM] QueentakesRook: I mean, I’m sure there are some mods that want me permabanned, too. :P

[04:55 PM] Gwenhwyfar: I blame pepzi

[04:55 PM] Pepzi: what

[04:55 PM] QueentakesRook: Me, too, usually.

[04:55 PM] Pepzi: WHAT


[03:12 PM] Pepzi: I wish I had a vietnamese war :(


martyn898: users

martyn898: they think it si ok for them to join and have fun


[05:57 PM] ShikuOkami: Why not get off your ass and get 69 yourself?


YouDontGnomeMe: Welp, i'mma get some Mountain Dew.

Entheomancer: ew.

aclockworkorange: Ew.

ShikuOkami: No no guys, it's Dew.

ShikuOkami: You forgot the D.

alockworkorange: *high fives*


[09:46 PM] Gwenhwyfar: good to know, Pepzi, I'll show you my tits for your birthday


LexiiLuv: drunk pan is just as good as onn tbh


LexiiLuv: i wish pan was drunk all of the time

deafamily5: pan is being mean tonight

deafamily5: i think he is channeling light

LexiiLuv: we should convince him to stuff a flashlight up his butt and pretend he’s sending the bat signal