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Fat Slice is a puzzle game, where the objective is to cut off pieces of the game area until only a target percentage remains by slicing it into pieces. This would be an easy task if it weren't for bouncing balls.


  • A slice is made by holding down the mouse button, and dragging across the shape.
  • White balls bounce around, and must be kept on one side of the slice for it to work.
  • A white ball contacting the slice line resets the level.
  • A solid border prevents you from cutting at that point.


  • The Konami Code gives you a lightsaber.
  • There are hidden levels after completing the last one. The true last level is the T-Rex, and this is followed by the Japanese Wave (unsolvable by design.)


Slice 'n' Dice
  Slice 'n' Dice Badge
Easy pts
Fat Slice » Beat the bent pipe level
Cross Slash
  Cross Slash Badge
Medium pts
Fat Slice » Beat the + level with 2 or less slices

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