Factory Balls is a puzzle game about altering little white balls until they match the goal ball to complete the level. It was created for the "Casual Gameplay Design Competition #4" on The topic of the contest was Ball Physics, a topic which Bart Bonte interpreted in his own way.


In Factory Balls, the player is given a rotating cog filled with plain white balls and various tools that can change the physical properties of a ball. The goal is for the ball to match the design of the ball pictured on the box for that level. To achieve this, the correct tools must be used in the correct order and the player needs to use logic and trial-and-error to figure out the combination. If the ball is altered in such a way that it is impossible to reach the goal design, the player can dump the ball in the recycle bin, pick up a new ball from the cog and start the level over again.

Factory Balls

Factory Balls gameplay

The available tools and paint varies on each level. In addition to the tools that change the design of the ball, there are various tools covering parts of the ball. The parts that are covered are not affected when paint or a tool is applied. The game is short with only 14 levels, but each level increases in complexity. When the game starts, there are only 17 balls available in the cog. This means that if the player ruins more than three balls, it won't be possible to complete the final level and they will have to start from scratch.


Faberge Factory
  Faberge Factory Badge
Medium pts
Factory Balls » Complete all 14 levels


Factory Balls Walkthrough - All Levels02:30

Factory Balls Walkthrough - All Levels

Use these tools in the correct order.

  • Level 1: Orange Paint, Tape
  • Level 2: Orange Paint, Polkadot Holder, Blue Paint, Polkadot Holder
  • Level 3: Green Paint, Air Pump, Air Pump
  • Level 4: Fourth ? Paint, Polkadot Holder, Second ? Paint, Polkadot Holder
  • Level 5: Green Paint, Air Pump, Blue Paint, Air Pump, Green Paint
  • Level 6: Black Paint, Glasses, Orange Paint, Glasses, Plunger, Plunger
  • Level 7: Magenta Paint, + Paint, Yellow Paint
  • Level 8: Orange Paint, Polkadot Holder, Blue Paint, Glass Blower, Polkadot Holder
  • Level 9: Big Green Paint, Small Orange Paint, Air Pump, Small Green Paint
  • Level 10: Blue Paint, Glasses, Green Paint, Second Plunger, Second Plunger, Yellow Paint, First Plunger, First Plunger, Glasses
  • Level 11: Aqua Paint, + Paint, Yellow Paint, Polkadot Holder, Magenta Paint, + Paint, Yellow Paint, Polkadot Holder
  • Level 12: Polkadot Holder, Purple Paint, Polkadot Holder, Orange Paint, Polkadot Holder, Yellow Paint, Polkadot Holder
  • Level 13: Glasses, First Plunger, Blue Paint, Second Plunger, Purple Paint, Buzzsaw, Glasses
  • Level 14: Glass Blower, Polkadot Holder, Blue Paint, Polkadot Holder, Lightbulb

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