Eternal Solstice title
"Don't mind the clutter or noise, we're currently renovating"

Eternal Solstice has two states: Dead Chat and Flame War. Do not bring your religion here. Do not bring your elitism. Do not bring your spam, your wise ideas, your TUBBY, your political views, your butthurt, your YouTube links, system32, desu, or white milk. Bring me a sandwich. Stay out of Eternal Solstice. Yes, we mean you. There is no escape.

A keyboard is not a Language Arts degree. In order to ensure that your keyboard remains functional, make sure the Caps Lock button is off. Otherwise, you run the risk of depleting your caps fluid and forgetting to make sense. Arguments are not won by talking really fast, especially since everything you believe in is utterly, completely wrong. It should also be pointed out that arguments are not won at all. Contribute useful text to the chat or GTFO. Those seeking to become Moderators should locate existing Moderators and send them links to porn, which they require to fuel the banhammer.

Eternal Solstice is not a role-play chat. Whether you're made of pure energy or just really like to nuke everything, you still don't belong here. There are other chat rooms for your brand of derp, most notably getting off the computer and going outside. This is also not a place to criticize people for being online, unless you can manage to do that without the use of an electronic device. You don't punch yourself in the face and then laugh at people for getting in fistfights.


Username Level Joined Description
Agent 86 Agent_86* 44 hidden One of the older regs. He's actually secret agent Maxwell Smart of CONTROL (see Get Smart). Currently enveloped in college, isn't around as much during the semester. Owns a katana
1282102020.807442128-1- degas22 28 Mar. 09, 2009 Believes firmly that he is a gorgeous nyan-cat, but nobody has ever caught him trailing rainbows. Assembled in a peanut-free factory.
Dylan102 dylan102* 31 Dec. 07, 2008 A smot-poking troll with a penchant for The Game and lolcats. Needs to lurk moar.
Ellie1996 ellie1996 11 Nov. 14, 2010 A woman on the internets, which just goes to show you that rules can be broken. Currently having housing drama, so she might not have internet for a while.
Fowlerb11 fowlerb11* 31 Jun. 03, 2009 Spends his time on Runescape. His other hobbies include being pollinated (from behind), basking in the sunlight, and letting his petals sway gently in the breeze. Call him flower in chat to instantly make him your friend. (Isn't on much now and also has a pretty cool looking profile)
LivelyAa LivelyAa* 19 Aug. 17, 2009 A distinguished man. Lively had no idea there was a wiki and seems to have no intention of divulging any personal details, which means he's a government plant sent to observe our actions, and more importantly [MESSAGE REDACTED] so don't ever let him catch you doing that.
Llama118 Llama118 43 Sep. 11, 2009 A talking llama from Alaska. That's just not natural! He is always careful to write unbiased descriptions. If you stab him, TEH COOKIEZ come out. (This hasn't worked, yet, but you gotta keep trying.)
Manda1017 manda1017 50 Sep. 18, 2008 Nobody knows how she got out of the kitchen unharmed, but she's been on Kong ever since. Loves to listen to country and drag everyone into TC. Is lurking mostly nowdays.
Maxova Maxova 18 Nov. 15, 2008 A Kongregate legend, like the Loch Ness Monster. (More like Loch ES, amirite guise?) It is believed that those who witness his glorious antlers will have seven years of good luck.
Mrproptop mrproptop* 60 Dec. 18, 2007

If you're ever in the mood to get overwhelmingly trolled, disagree with prop. You are not prepared. If you're not in the mood to get trolled, it must suck to be you. One of the oldest members of ES and a war veteran. You don't like him and he doesn't like you. Your best hope is to assume the foetal position and sob quietly.

Oscarzombiekill oscarzombiekill* 26 Nov. 27, 2008 Likes explosions and good classical music. Keep him distracted with something interesting or he'll slowly stop making sense. Sometimes hosts the ES Minecraft server. Not intended for children ages 6 and under.
Quotehere7 Quotehere7* 35 Mar. 19, 2010 Hails from the far-off land of central Jersey. Good friends with prop, and he has a tendency to drift towards the ladies with that tell-tale gleam in his eye. He will find you. Also, Quo is an arse. He told me so. (Last seen Nov 12, 2012)
Richiiieee Richiiieee 39 Jun. 12, 2009 Canadian, but don't hold it against him. Rich is a Pretty Cool Guy who listens to metal and doesn't afraid of anything. He is also swifter than the Gazelle, which cannot contain his might.
Trishazard Trishazard 26 May. 15, 2011 Our ol' buddy Tricks has vowed to talk more, and if she holds true to her word we'll have a pretty legit description in no time. She is trying to learn Chat, but she can only know four moves. Delete a move and learn Chat?
XHKred XHKred* 42 Apr. 12, 2007 Migrated to ES from The Mall. He's a programmer, and he's in college. Perhaps he's in college for programming? The pelt of this elusive creature is worth about 10¢USD
Yusei190 Yusei190 30 Oct. 30, 2009 He has all of your white women, and you can't have them back. Nobody knows what he needs them all for, but some speculate that he's using them to build statues in his honor.
Z-1- ZapSnap10* 23 Feb. 28, 2010 Blows most of his time on Minecraft. Implies the obvious, but at least he's contributing. Giving him pie will cause his numerous offspring to grow tentacles.
  • Those marked with an asterix have not been seen in ES for a bit

Offended? Talk to me about it.

Don't be sad if you're not on here. There are plenty of good people in chat, but only the ones who are on all the time are recognized as regs. We still love you anyway.

Ex RegsEdit


Spent all his free time developing a game and painfully trolling religious folk. "Moved on" to "better things".


Everyone's favorite punching bag until he moved to some Japanese-speaking room. o3o


A pretty chill guy to talk to, darren's laptop is currently broken, but if he ever gets a new one he might come back!


Username Level Joined Description
BuddyChrist-1- kaosfury 38 Sep. 11, 2008 Started poking his head into Eternal Solstice about a week ago. We're hoping he sticks around.

Chat ExcerptsEdit

Llama118: Still no quotes though

degas22: use the one i gave you

Llama118: Still no GOOD quotes

dante866: cosine of butt raped?

dante866: PI OVER 2!

Llama118: well I had this boner earlier-
ellie1996: llama, stop there.-
ellie1996: please!!-
Trishazard: ooh tell more! -
XHotTopicHottieX: oh! dinner-

manda1017: but agent will be getting ass
ellie1996: He always comes back
Agent_86: yeah i might not be on later
Agent_86: ;D
jackdiablo: Vacationing in the Llama fields of South Dakota?
ellie1996: And you wonder why she teases you...
Tobi800: **** i wish i had netflix right now
manda1017: more like south alaska
Tobi800: remember agent
Tobi800: never use a condom
Agent_86: ^
Agent_86: ...
jackdiablo: LOLOLOL
Agent_86: **** you tobi
manda1017: xD
Tobi800: lmao
ellie1996: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cyon: ^^
jackdiablo: Seriously rolling with laughter right now
Tobi800: ninja ****ah
manda1017: little agent babies
ellie1996: I can't breathe omg
jackdiablo: That's going in my profile.
Tobi800: WHOO
manda1017: im ssing that
ellie1996: PROFILE ADD

The Eternal Solstice wiki needs quotes! If you think you've got a really good one, let me know!


  1. Do not talk about Eternal Solstice
  2. Do NOT talk about Eternal Solstice
  3. Everyone is stupid until proven intelligent
  4. Your opinions are wrong until proven intelligent
  5. Even then they are still wrong
  6. There are no women on the internet (unless you count porn)
  7. We only speak english here, Señor.
  8. Lurk moar.
  9. ?????
  10. Profit.


The Eternal Solstice wiki is maintained by Llama118 with collaborative effort from other Kongregate members. If you think something needs to be changed, the best way to do so is to leave a shout on my profile.

If you edit this page yourself, it will almost certainly be reverted. If you're so desperate that you need to edit your description to tell everyone how great you are, you're probably not that great. Go outside.

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