Escape the Red Giant is a top-down launching game. You jump between tiny planets and try to get upwards as fast as possible. The goal is to escape an ever-growing star, the Red Giant, for as long as you can, and gain a highscore while you're at it.


Left to go counter-clockwise, right to go clockwise. Up to jump, hold jump before landing to crush asteroid. Every time you reach a landmark, sun speeds up. Space makes player jump and crush asteroids automatically.

List of achievements/tricks Edit

Speed achievements Edit

  • Pendolino Speed (+200) -> Aeroplane Speed (+400) -> Rocket Speed (+600) -> Blazar Speed (+1000) -> Light Speed (+1600) -> Tachyon Speed (+2600) -> Hyper Drive (+4200) -> Bistromatic Drive (+6800)

Asteroid achievements Edit

  • Asteroid Crush (+100) -> Double Crush (+200) ->Triple Crush (+300) -> Quadruple Crush (+500) -> Galaxy Destroyer (+800) -> Sextuple Crush (+1300) -> Septuple Crush (+2100) -> Octuple Crush (+3400) -> Nonuple Crush (+5500) -> Berzerker (+8900) -> Undecuple Crush (+14400) -> Zen Crusher (+23300). After Zen Crusher, points aren't awarded.

Jump achievements Edit

  • Large Jump (+50) -> Giant Jump (+200) -> Planet Jump (+500) -> Galaxy Jump (+1000) -> Universe Jump -> Quantum Jump -> The Big Dolphin Jump

Landing achievements Edit

It's impossible to perform any of these if player jumps with Space button (which makes player crush asteroids automatically), instead of Up button.

  • Nice Landing (+100) -> Sweet Landing (+200) -> Perfect Landing (+500)
  • Reaction Landing (+200) - Hold arrow depending from which side you're flying, and on which side you land - e.g. if you will land on right side and you're flying from up, hold right arrow to get this landing. This achievement will speed up the player if achieved.

Sun achievements Edit

  • Sun Dive (+500) - Jump downwards 1 time.
  • Sun Tan (+400) - Get close to the sun, then get away from it.
  • Sun Surf (+500) - Get REALLY close to the sun, and then get away from it.
  • Sunny Beach (+1000) - Get close to the sun for a long time, and get away from it.
  • Burning Feet (+2000) - Get close to the sun for a longer time, and get away from it.
  • Asleep in the Sun (+4000) - Get close to the sun for a very long time, then get away from it.
  • Burn Baby Burn (+10000) - Get very close to the sun for a ridiculously long time, then get away.

Landmark achievements Edit

  • Once In A Blue Moon (11 units) (+500) -> Mars W/O Sneakers (30 units) (+1000) -> The Bradbury House (52 units) (+1500) -> The Rings of Saturn (79 units) (+2500) -> CHNO-81042 (109 units) (+4000) -> Poor Pluto (143 units) (+6500) -> Heaven in Heaven (180 units) (+10500) -> The Big Dolphin (+17500) -> Sheep in Sling (267 units) (+28000) -> Don't Panic (+45500)

Misc achievements Edit

  • Kaboom Bar (+500) - catch a candy bar.


  • This game is the first game in the Apocalypse Nao! challenge, where it was given badges.


  Comet Collider Badge
Easy pts
Escape the Red Giant » Destroy 3 asteroids in a single launch
  It's Tricky Badge
Medium pts
Escape the Red Giant » Combo 20 tricks together
  To Outrun a Sun Badge
Hard pts
Escape the Red Giant » Score 1,000,000 points in a single launch

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