Epic War 3: War of Heroes is a tactical warfare game that revolves around summoning creatures to destroy the opponent's castle before computer opponent can destroy your castle. It is the sequel to Epic War 2.


The game revolves around summoning creatures and using skills to defeat your opponent's creatures. Creatures and spells are represented by cards. You can equip up to 6 creature cards and 6 skill cards. There are 16 levels or castles to own in the game. At the start of the game, the player owns three castles. Each turn, the player may choose one castle to attack. After the player's turn, each of the computer opponents gets a turn. Beating levels reward you with experience points for your hero and gold to spend on upgrades. Leveling up your hero may unlock more cards. Every creature and spell card may be upgraded by spending gold.


When you start a new game, there are 6 different heroes you can choose from. The choice of hero affects your starter cards. All heroes start with 2 creature cards and 1 spell card.

  • Viegraff the Red - Start with Goblin, Taurus and Comet Shoot
  • Rembrant the Blood - Start with Goblin, Centaur and Comet Shoot
  • Gald the Conqueror - Start with Zombie, Ghost Armor and Healing Spell
  • Abe Mukanaga - Start with Zombie, Centaur and Healing Spell
  • Treuquez de Revierre - Start with Dwarf, Taurus and Healing Spell
  • Gullborg Grimtooth - Start with Dwarf, Ghost Armor and Comet Shoot


Each card can be upgraded up to level 5. Upgrading Creature cards improve their Health, Damage, Charge Time and Population limit. Upgrading spell cards improve their Power and Charge Time.


You can have 6 creature types and 6 spells equipped, depending on your mana. Your equipped units will automatically be summoned into battle unless you have reached the population limit for that creature type. You can click on their portraits on the top of the screen to order all units of that type to a specific spot. You have one hero unit. If he is killed, he will respawn after a few minutes. Each of your spell cards has a recharge timer determining how often you can use the spell. The object of the battle is to reach your opponent's castle and destroy it.


There are 30 achievements in the game. Each achievement correspond to an unlocked creature or spell.


Epic Skirmishes
  Epic Skirmishes Badge
Easy pts
Epic War 3 » Assault your way to owning 5 total territories
Decked Out
  Decked Out Badge
Medium pts
Epic War 3 » Unlock 10 total cards
Tag Team Triumph
  Tag-Team Triumph Badge
Hard pts
Epic War 3 » Completely conquer the map with any 2 different heroes
You Can Hide, but You Can't Run
  You Can Hide, but You Can't Run Badge
Hard pts
Epic War 3 » Complete all 5 Cave of Trial levels


Epic War 3 Official walkthrough

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