Epic Combo! is a game about some sort of business man with a huge hammer, and was created by jmtb02 for Armor Games. The goal is to build the largest combo possible by smashing turtles into hazards. No real turtles were harmed in the making of this game. Combos reward you with money which you spend on gadgets which help you get even bigger combos.


You’re a businessman with a giant hammer and you smash turtles on a conveyor belt to earn money. You use your money to buy lasers and springs and things to smash more turtles. Repeat to create the most epic combo ever. Every time a turtle touches a surface, 1 combo point is added. You get one swing of the hammer per combo attempt. The only things that can increase the number of turtles bouncing in the same combo are proxy mines.

Game ModesEdit

In Original Mode, your goal is to reach a 10,000 combo in the shortest amount of time. In Unlimited Mode, you have as much time as you want to create as huge a combo as you possibly can.


Every time you purchase an upgrade, the price for an additional upgrade of the same type increases.

  • Turret - Shoots downwards, can be placed on the ceiling
  • Sentinel - Shoots sideways, can be placed on either wall
  • Proxy Mine - Explodes when a bouncing turtle hits it, can be placed on the ground
  • Buzzsaw - Bounces any turtles that hit it around, can be placed in the top half of the screen
  • Launcher - Bounces any turtles that hit it around, can be placed on the ground
  • Valves - Increases the amount of turtles released onto the conveyor belt


Shell Shocked
  Shell Shocked Badge
Easy pts
Epic Combo! » Complete "original" mode
  Ten Times the Turtle Torture Badge
Medium pts
Epic Combo! » Achieve a combo of 100,000 in "unlimited" mode

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