Epic Quest
Epic Medal
Type Quest
Requirements to Get 6 easy badges,
8 medium badges.
Difficulty Medium
Awards Epic Medal and 60 points

The Epic quest is a quest where you must get badges from games that are gimmicky or simply have the word epic in their title. Some of these games have a bit of a cult following.

Quest DescriptionEdit

Giant crabs! Bloodthirsty sharks! Murderous beards! Immortal snails! Horse-sized ducks, and the historic debut of the iconic blue elephant! They're all here, and more, in Kongregate's most epic quest yet! And yeah, there are 14 games instead of 10, and you get 60 points instead of 50, because THAT'S JUST HOW EPIC IT IS.


Eye of the Giraffe
  Eye of the Giraffe Badge
Easy pts
Super Duck Punch! » Complete the first three battles
Dragon Rider
  Dragon Rider Badge
Medium pts
Flood Runner 3 » Catch a ride on the elusive dragon in the sky
25,000 Calorie Diet
  25,000 Calorie Diet Badge
Medium pts
Treadmillasaurus Rex » Burn 25,000 calories during a single exercise session
Time to Earn This
  Time to Earn This Badge
Medium pts
No Time To Explain » Complete your adventure, doing whatever it is you need to do
Shell Shocked
  Shell Shocked Badge
Easy pts
Epic Combo! » Complete "original" mode
Easy pts
Snail » Go right to celebrate Kongregate's 1000th badge
Pierce the Heavens
  Pierce the Heavens Badge
Easy pts
Epic Battle Fantasy 2 » Reach the first checkpoint
Medium pts
Robot Dinosaurs That Shoot Beams When They Roar » Complete your dino-struction adventure
Medium pts
Ultimate Crab Battle » Defeat your crab nemesis on the "medium" difficulty setting
Life, Love, Understanding
  Life, Love, Understanding Badge
Medium pts
ELEPHANT RAVE » Survive the entire rave
  You Have to Earn the Badge
Easy pts
You Have To Burn The Rope » Defeat the Grinning Colossus

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