Entangled is a puzzle game where the goal is to connect all pieces into a continuous loop. The game is a successor or sequel-in-spirit to Loops of Zen.


The gameplay is the same as in Loops of Zen, but the pieces have a different layout. They are more complex and more varied as there are a higher number of different pieces. The goal on each level is to connect all pieces into one continuous loop. Each square piece has lines on them, with 0-2 lines ending on each side, creating a loose end that can be connected to lines on other pieces. The pieces can't be moved, but you can rotate pieces by clicking on them. As long as every connection on all the pieces are connected to another piece, the level is won. In other words, don't leave any loose ends that are not connected.

You can choose between six different level sets, but each set is equally different. There are 16 levels in each set. As you reach higher levels within a set, the levels increase in complexity. The game auto-saves how many levels you have beaten and if you start a new game, you can use the arrow keys to skip levels you have previously beaten. The soothing and serene music in the game is made by Chris Adami.

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