Elements Medal
Type Quest
Requirements to Get 3 easy badges,
5 medium badges.
Difficulty Easy
Awards Elemental Medal and 30 points

Elemental is a quest in which you must get badges from games having to do with the four classical elements.

Quest DescriptionEdit

Knock 99 legs off of your periodic table and focus on the elements that matter. Master all four elements by completing each badge below to win the Elemental Medal and 30 bonus points!


Speed Skating
  Speed Skating Badge
Medium pts
The Ice Temple » Get an "A" rank on any level
Churning the Water
  Churning the Water Badge
Easy pts
Frantic Frigates » Kill 100 enemies
Purrninating the Peasants
  Purrninating the Peasants Badge
Easy pts
Cat God vs Sun King » Kill 200 of the Sun King's minions
Cheeves in the Breeze
  Cheeves in the Breeze Badge
Medium pts
Flight » Unlock any 15 in-game achievements
Slaughter of the Colossus
  Slaughter of the Colossus Badge
Medium pts
Heir » Complete chapter 3
  Connoisseur Badge
Medium pts
MegaDrill » Collect 25 large diamonds during a single trip
Meditation Gives You Wiiings
  Meditation Gives You Wiiings Badge
Medium pts
William and Sly » Learn the power of flight
Getting Lit
  Getting Lit Badge
Easy pts
Pyro » Unlock your first bonus level by scoring 5 Aces

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