The premise of Electric Box 2 is quite simple. You've got power at point A and you need to get it to point B. The game is a physics puzzle where you place various tools on the board to transfer the power to the end point. This sequel to Electric Box has more gadgets and brings back the level editor from the first game.


The basics of the game are the same as in the previous one. The goal is still to get electricity from point A to point B, using every sort of tool imaginable. The items you're given can be grabbed with the mouse and placed anywhere on the grid, but they'll only work if they meet certain requirements. Once everything is in place, turn your contraption on and hope everything unfolds the way you had planned. But with the vast amount tools and possibilities available, it's going to take a lot of tinkering before you can find that perfect set-up.

In addition to the pre-made levels, there is a level editor, giving players an option to flex their own creative muscles. User created levels could only be played from, which has now been bought and absorbed into Publishers Clearing House's game site. [1]


Flip Flop
  Flip Flop Badge
Medium pts
Electric Box 2 » Complete the first 15 levels
Power from the Players
  Power from the Players Badge
Hard pts
Electric Box 2 » Complete level 40


Video walkthrough of level 1-10, 11-20, 21-30 and 31-40.

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