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Effing Meteors is a simple game in which you use your mouse combine meteors into bigger ones and drop them on the native planet life.


Meteors of various sizes are falling towards the Earth. Left click and hold to create a gravity well. When the gravity well is active, it sucks in any meteors in its vicinity and combines them to create a bigger meteor. The player's aim is to group many small meteors together to make a meteor large enough to get through Earth's atmosphere without burning up. Use the mouse to give the meteors speed and then release the gravity well. This launches the meteors towards Earth.

If you can make the meteors large enough, they will be named randomly after regular first names. Larger meteors can deal heavier damage on the life forms. The goal is to kill all the life forms on the planet. Over time, the life on the planet evolves unless you can wipe them out.


  Jurassic Juggle Badge
Easy pts
Effing Meteors » Make 2 named meteors at once
  Effing Extinction Badge
Medium pts
Effing Meteors » Wipe out the dinosaurs

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