Edmus is a multiplayer racing game in which the level only changes once per day. The multiplayer aspect is asynchronous and not really competitive as there are no rewards for beating other players.


Edmus is a racing game where you run constantly while the screen scrolls sideways. Your task is to survive for as long as possible and your only interaction is limited to jumping and double-jumping. The left mouse button or any keyboard key can be used to jump. The longer you press the jump button, the higher you jump. Thankfully, Edmus offers more than just pressing the jump button at the right time. What makes this game stand out is the fact that you do not race alone. The ghost of every other player that has played the same day is running alongside you. The display of other player’s successes and failures on the map is the main driving force behind the game. The player count goes down the longer you manage to stay alive which is a motivator to replay the level and try to run longer than the other players.

You can only play on one single level, but the level changes every 24 hours. This shifts the focus of the game to memorize the gaps and obstacles and trying to optimize your run. There is a Hall of Fame which lists the highest scoring players, but only for the current day and the previous day. The game does not keep track of the highest scoring players of all time.


You can collect flower petals in the game that act as a currency for upgrades. You can spend these petals to increase your character's run speed, jump height or double-jump height. These extras are bonuses that make the game easier, but it appears to be possible to get far without them. Flower petals can also be used to purchase hats in order to personalize your character. There are eleven different hats available for purchase, the cost ranging from 125 to 250 petals.


Pocket Full of Posies
  Pocket Full of Posies Badge
Easy pts
Edmus » Collect 300 petals across all runs
Kilometer on the Odometer
  Kilometer on the Odometer Badge
Medium pts
Edmus » Run 1,000 meters

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