DuckLife3: Evolution is a duck racing game. It is the third game of the Duck Life game series and the sequel to DuckLife2: World Champion. In this game, you train your duck as much as you can and race against other ducks.


At the start of the game, you pick between four ducks with different starting stats. The ducks has four different stats, Running, Swimming, Climbing and Flying. The duck you choose will have one or two stats with high values and less in the others.

You can train your duck in each of the four stats before you go racing against other ducks. Training and feeding your duck cost money, but you can easily gain money from races. Once you've trained up your duck's stats, the actual races involve no player input at all. You simply match your skills against the other computer controlled ducks. During each race, there are parts where you must use a specific skill to get past. For example, there are water parts where your duck's swimming skill determine how fast he moves.

There are three Leagues, Amateur, Advanced and Professional. You start out in the Amateur league and in order to advance to the next one, you have to win the league. Before you can compete in the final race, you have to win in four Qualifier races. Each league is a huge jump in difficulty and requires a lot of training of your duck in order to stand a chance of winning. Once you've completed all the leagues, you must race against the Champion duck.


In the game there are 10 achievements acquired by doing specific in-game tasks. Some must be completed during training while others must be completed during a race.

  • Collect a coin
  • Win a race
  • Fly backwards in flying training
  • Disqualify an opponent
  • Reach the Advanced League
  • Reach the Professional League
  • Level up your duck completely
  • Enter the portal
  • Beat the Champion duck
  • Beat the game with all four duck types


Evolution It's Super Effective!
  Evolution: It's Super Effective! Badge
Easy pts
DuckLife3: Evolution » Evolve your duck
Having the Time of Your Ducklife
  Having the Time of Your Ducklife Badge
Medium pts
DuckLife3: Evolution » Complete the final race

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