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Dream World is a turn-based multiplayer RPG.


Dream World begins by allowing its player to choose from three available classes - the knight, the ranger, or the mage.

  • The Knight - You are a sword-wielding knight, defending the world from darkness.
  • The Ranger - You are a famous gun-slinger, cleaning the world of evil-doers.
  • The Mage - You are a master of dark arts, and using it to protect righteousness.

Coins: Coins are obtained from victory in battle, selling equipment, interactions with NPCs, and other chance encounters. Coins can be used to buy equipment, increase guild status, buy items and operations, and pay for health restoration (and are also taken as a penalty for losing a battle).


To start up your own guild, you must first purchase one for 10,000,000 from the Guild Tab. Your Guild will start off initially as bronze, and can progressively gain ranks as you and your guild members donate coins.

Guild levelsEdit


There are no bonuses on a Bronze-ranked guild.


You and all your guild members have to donate 100,000,000 coins. The bonuses on a Silver-ranked guild are:

+10 SP.

+5% exp boost on defeats.


You and all your guild members have to donate 1,000,000,000 coins. The bonuses on a Gold-ranked guild are:

+20 SP.

+10% exp boost on defeats.


You and all your guild members have to donate 10,000,000,000 coins. The bonuses on a Platinum-ranked guild are:

+30 SP.

+15% exp boost on defeats.


You and all your guild members have to donate 50,000,000,000 coins. The bonuses on a Diamond-ranked guild are:

+50 SP.

+20% exp boost on defeats.


You and all your guild members have to donate 300,000,000,000 coins. The bonuses on a Guardian-ranked guild are:

+25% Exp, +200 Max SP


You and all your guild members have to donate 1,000,000,000,000 coins. The bonuses on a Void-ranked guild are:

+35% Exp, +300 Max SP, +20% HP defending


Once you've gained enough experience from fighting NPCs or chance encounters, you will eventually level up.


Your initial magic, gun and sword level is affected by the class that you choose to play as. If you start with mage, you have magic level 1. If you start with ranger, you have gun level 1. If you start with knight, you have sword level 1.

Learning pointsEdit

Whenever you level up, you gain learning points equivalent to your level. For example, when you get to level 2, you will gain 2 learning points (otherwise known as LP). There are a number of different things that you can upgrade with learning points to help improve your character in numerous ways.


You upgrade a skill with learning points. The skill levels can make you learn spells.


Sword spellsEdit
  • Level 1: lightning blade
  • Level 3: cross slash
  • Level 6: return blade
  • Level 9: whirlwind
  • Level 12: guard - Your chance of parrying increased by 15%
  • Level 16: sword dance
  • Level 21: flower blade
  • Level 26: rain dance
  • Level 32: eternal blade
  • Level 38: zodiac
  • Level 45: dark side of the moon
  • Level 60: banish dance (high damage +15% block against post-game bosses (separate die roll))
Gun spellsEdit
  • Level 1: critical shot
  • Level 3: vital shot
  • Level 6: heartseeker
  • Level 9: burst spray
  • Level 13: aim - improve critical hit rate
  • Level 18: crucifixion
  • Level 23: devil spray
  • Level 29: angel wings
  • Level 36: living anatomy
  • Level 45: attack unending
  • Level 60: big bang (high damage +15% critical against post-game bosses)
Magic spellsEdit
  • Level 1: flame arrow
  • Level 2: ice needles
  • Level 4: magic anvil
  • Level 6: light heal
  • Level 9: implosion
  • Level 12: shield - Stops 50% of all damage from mobs and PVP
  • Level 17: sub-zero
  • Level 21: heal
  • Level 26: volcanic eruption
  • Level 33: maelstrom
  • Level 39: greater heal
  • Level 45: inferno
  • Level 60: Divine Light (high damage +20% absorb (shield) against post-game bosses)


  Brains Over Brawn Badge
Easy pts
Dream World » Solve 5 puzzles
  Follow the Yellow Dirt Road Badge
Medium pts
Dream World » Complete the "Emerald City" area
  Golden Hero Badge
Hard pts
Dream World » Kill 2,000 monsters
  Lucid Dreamer Badge
Hard pts
Dream World » Complete the final quest

The medium badge can be acquired in two to three days of gaming, but the Golden Hero badge requires leveling to about level 44 and can take some time. If in a hurry, you can do arena as soon as you reach level 4 and power level from there on. Leveling is very fast with a level gained from every 3rd or so opponent. Doing this will get you the medium badge in minutes. However, it should be noted that overuse of arena after you have reached Emerald City is not recommended, as you will significantly increase the amount of time needed for the Golden Hero hard badge.

Helpful linksEdit

  • Dream World forum on Kongregate
  • - Helps with the mathematics of the game, and also has Mastermind solver tool.
  • Moxfull Database - A database of trivia questions.
  • Dream World Spreadsheet - Spreadsheet with Beggar and Well money values by level. Note: due to theeadsheet (1000+), it leaks memory quite quickly, at least in Firefox. Don't stay on the page too long if you like what's in your other tabs.
  • This Link sends you to a guide to post-game after you are lvl 51 with an intro to demons, aliens and more

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