Doeo is a mouse-clicking game in which you use your mouse to collect as many pink and green Doeo faces as you can before the time runs out.


A tribute to Takahiro Miyazawa's Moai series, Doeo uses the same basic principle of frantically mousing over moving targets while racking up enough points to move to the next level. The goal in Doeo is to try to collect as many pink and green Doeos as quickly as possible. A Doeo is a pink or green rectangle with a face painted on it and they are collected by holding your mouse over it with no clicking required. The instructions in the game are in four languages, English, Swedish and two Japanese writing systems.

The game has two difficulty levels to choose from, easy and hard. On the easy level, you must collect 100 pink Doeos in 40 seconds in order to complete level and advance to the next one. On the hard difficulty, you need to collect 200 of them in the same amount of time, but to compensate the levels also contain green Doeos. The green ones are smaller and appear for a shorter amount of time, but they are worth more points. Points have no influence on game progress or completing a level, but is required for the game's medium badge. The last level of the game is a boss level where you have to touch the boss five times in 40 seconds, but you have to avoid touching the ring around the boss.

The music for the game is an original soundtrack by Mark "Khuskan" Jefferis and Axel Svahn. The voice acting is done by Jakob Johanneson.


  Rodoeo Badge
Easy pts
Doeo » Wrangle up 500 total pink Doeos
  Profesioeo Badge
Medium pts
Doeo » Load up "easy" mode and score 30,000 points, and destroy the king in under 20 seconds
New Doeo King
  New Doeo King Badge
Hard pts
Doeo » Defeat the king in "hard" mode

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