Dinowaurs is a turn-based warfare game. It is one of the games that Kongregate commissioned to be made as part of their Kongregate's Premium Development program. It's a multiplayer projectile game where two sides take turns shooting at each other.


You control a dino of your choosing, be it ankylosaurus, stegosaurus, triceratops, or brontosaurus, equipped with various armor and weapons. Strap a cannon to the back of a dinosaur and you've got a jurassic tank bent on domination. The goal is not only to destroy your opponent's dinosaur, but also to take over their villages. Once you have managed to destroy and/or capture all three opposing villages, you win the match. These villages are not only important from a territorial standpoint, they are also the means by which you collect gold to buy weapons and ammo, and also where you go to equip weapons and heal your injured dino warrior. Villages have three levels of support. The closest to your enemy's territory is the lowest level of support. Weapons and ammo cost more if equipped here. The village in the middle of your territory has the second highest support rating, and consequently, weapons and ammo are a bit cheaper. The village furthest back in your territory retains the highest level of support. Weapons and ammo bought and equipped here will be the cheapest. The trade off, of course, is that in order to equip at the highest level of support, you leave most of your territory open to enemy attack.

There are two types of matches that a player can join. Unranked matches are fights against other players that act as skirmishes or practice matches. No points are earned, and the outcome does not affect your statistics in any way. This is a good way to get your feet wet and try out the features of the game against a human opponent. Ranked matches, however, are played for points. You earn DNA points by killing the enemy dino, destroying and capturing enemy villages and, ultimately, winning the match. As you earn DNA points, you will be able to slowly upgrade your dino with better boosts. You may also spend Kreds to purchase equipment.

Former BadgesEdit

The game was shut down around June 2014 and its badges are no longer obtainable.
  Burnin' Down the House Badge
Easy pts
Dinowaurs » Fire off 200 flames and destroy 5 villages in ranked matches
  Future Fossil Fuel Badge
Medium pts
Dinowaurs » Kill 50 enemy dinosaurs in ranked matches
  Victory of the Ancients Badge
Medium pts
Dinowaurs » Win 5 ranked matches
  Bingo! Dino DNA! Badge
Hard pts
Dinowaurs » Collect 1000 frog-free DNA

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