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We are, the one and only, /DH/.

Dinosaur Hunters is an awesome room which may or may not welcome you. The Regulars of this room are the most respected here and are the main chatters. If you don't like it, show tits or gtfo. Here you can find a bunch of internet professionals, with high trolling experience and a huge knowledge in the meme field.

Dinosaur Hunters HistoryEdit

Before the community of Dinosaur Hunters (/DH/) started growing, this room was a lonely place, infested by noobs and trolls. The first people that started talking were the users; Shadowkingiscool, itsnoturDAY, SushiRider, Dubuki,and spyingcow.

No Mods were ever on the room, therefore the chat was constantly in disorder, it was around in the early 2009 when the community of DH started lightening up. When the users lonelyboy99, yosniketydo, auron3663(Will19), trebach, revolverocelot, hottchick22, StarPirate, BulletBill13, and kittyluver appeared, the chat started to gain life and the community became friendly. Also a few Mods started to frequent the room.

However, these days of glory didnt last long. The regulars slowly started to disappear and only a few of them remained, but it didn't take long before the room gained more regulars. With the arrival of the mods Kesse and Allen42 and the users Glemo, Trickymist98, sopimusician666, and the return of StarPirate, the room gained more life.

Slowly the regulars started to disappear again, starting with lonelyboy99, Dubuki, StarPirate, and Kesse. When Kesse left, Trebach, a former regular, became a mod and eventually left for The Queue. A mod that had been in /DH/ for a short time, Allen42, left for his original room returning only when he learned /DH/ was doing very poorly. Allen returned and eventually became the room's owner. As the room improved, some more members started to appear.

*************** The following is no longer true: ***************

t88turbo is a regular, and keeps the chat alive. Will19 left /DH/ to pursue a career in the maple syrup business. Allen42 is experiencing menopause and is barely on, so trolls are starting to run rampant. The original Kesse has returned. /DH/ may once again become great.


Get an idea of what /DH/ is all about.

Wrong rake Edit

NoloveKid: make sure when you rofl to not leave your legs wide open.

The0neDemigod: 8-----E

finalflax: 8====D 03:21, December 17, 2010 (UTC)

The0neDemigod: ^ rake

The0neDemigod: Crap

sopimusician666: lol

Cushion: lol

samsassy4: haha

sopimusician666: i don't think so

Peanut butter jellyfish time Edit

t88turbo: so your best friend gets stung by a jellyfish, would you man up and pee on his leg?

Allen42: duh

Allen42: it would be more fun to pretend he got stung, and pee on him anyway

t88turbo: k now what if it was a chic, totally platonic, but very different

Allen42: even better

Allen42: so now I’m lol irl. Just run up to your bud on the the beach and be like “OMG, you got stung by a jelly fish, and whip down your trunks….” LOL

Logic Edit

SushiRider: is sport some kind of currency?
Cushion: uo, is run code for money?
Cushion: how many runs are in a sports?

Straight faces Edit

Cushion: I’m going to attempt it but I started with sour and sweet starburst…

the sour ones are too sour for me D:

t88turbo: kinda wanna put that in my profile…

Cushion: dude they’re fcking GREEN APPLE! with added sour crap. I ate a few but I can’t do it with a straight face

t88turbo: I won’t be able to think of you anymore with a straight face

I don't even. Edit

SushiRider:guise im back

sopimusician666:did you poop?

t88turbo:was it as good for you as it was for your tube sock?


sopimusician666:tube socks hurt


The Return Of The Almighty Kesse. Edit

[05:47 PM] kesse: HI

[05:48 PM] itsnoturDAY: holy shit

[05:48 PM] sopimusicianTWO: holy ****

[05:48 PM] kyneff: holy shti

[05:48 PM] SushiRider: holy cows up yer arse! i can't believe it aint butter yo!

The Handophile. Edit

SushiRider: hey sky what happened to your gf?

skyadmen: so i pbbly know memes and shit you children would cum over

SushiRider: i havent seen her talk

skyadmen: went to bed

SushiRider: with me!

skyadmen: haha dude that means im jerking you off

skyadmen: that makes YOU gay

noah6822: *clap*

skyadmen: yes, i was,

SushiRider: its the other way around you piece of ignorant shit

skyadmen: i just havnt been on /b/ in like 5-6 months

SushiRider: you're the one jerking me off, so that makes YOU gay

noah6822: I'm pretty sure it's both ways, actually.

skyadmen: nope your the gay one

SushiRider: skyadmen: haha dude that means im jerking you off

Death2Zombies: i wouldnt let another man fondle my knob

noah6822: Me neither.

SushiRider: well im gay and hes gay too

skyadmen: yeh

Death2Zombies: skyadmen: haha dude that means im jerking you off

SushiRider: the point is he is gay

skyadmen: well

SushiRider: skyadmen: haha dude that means im jerking you off

noah6822: And you.

skyadmen: your gay fior letting me jerk you around

SushiRider: yeah but I dont care

Death2Zombies: if i was one of those kids who posted stupid things on my profile

noah6822: Sky seems to accept it though.

Death2Zombies: that would never make it up ther

SushiRider: so he is homosexual and handsexual

Death2Zombies: he has a hand fetish

skyadmen: yessir indeed

noah6822: He's a handophile?

Death2Zombies: i dig

skyadmen: yep

noah6822: He has a crush on Handgelina Jolie?

Death2Zombies: as in the new word

Death2Zombies: or palmela handerson

skyadmen: creativ

Death2Zombies: i just made that up

noah6822: Jennifinger Handiston?

skyadmen: wanna cookie?

Death2Zombies: i can go to sleep happy tonite BOOYAH

noah6822: Lindsay Lohand?

Sushi Rider's Epic Punchline. Edit

Death2Zombies: damn its karaoke night at the bar

sopimusicianTWO: break the machine

sopimusicianTWO: with a hammer

Death2Zombies: id rather break the dj's face

sopimusicianTWO: hey

sopimusicianTWO: i wanna be a dj/producer

SushiRider: a dj?

sopimusicianTWO: /producer yes

SushiRider: oh

Death2Zombies: dick jockey

sopimusicianTWO: dick jockey / cum producer

SushiRider: do you even have any music?

sopimusicianTWO: none that doesn't suck

sopimusicianTWO: one that sucks on purpose

SushiRider: where u got it

sopimusicianTWO: i made it

sopimusicianTWO: i have other peoples music


Death2Zombies: so it sucks real bad

SushiRider: but i said where you have it

Death2Zombies: up his butt

SushiRider: so i guess it must be full of shit, haha

The non-regs rap Edit

[Why is this here?]

M4DNU5: zasai5 I see you like to rap.

zacsai5: I herd u liek mudkipz

M4DNU5: No, I was just wondering if you'd like a quick rap battle, don't woryry I'm not a proffesional rap artist or anything.

zacsai5: No

zacsai5: I'm not in the mood

M4DNU5: Just a little bored, that's all

M4DNU5: I'll kick things off.

M4DNU5: I'm not saying you are scared.

M4DNU5: Just a little friendly fire.

M4DNU5: Oh well that could of been your chance to embarrass a noob.

zacsai5: Or that could have been your chance to rhyme you fail rapper

M4DNU5: The best line I could of come up with was zacsai5, eat you're five a day to stay alive.

M4DNU5: Everyone knows who you are, but the thing they don't know is you ain't got no bars. You walk around town when your life's a par, guarantee after this you won't go far.

M4DNU5: I got bags and much much more, when I'm hungry you'll hear my lion roar. One bar from me and you'll hit the floor, so step out of my way and exit out the door.

zacsai5: You must be a pussy cause all I hear is "flap flap". It's obvious to me that you don't know how to rap. You can't even see my flows, go get a map. Then crawl to your mom's basement and watch porn and fap.

M4DNU5: Listen I'm keeping this clean, I'll polish you off like Mr. Sheen. By the way you ain't shit on me, and I'll double whip you like double whiped cream.

zacsai5: Listen to you, you think this is a game? Just quit now, your rhymes are so lame. You are so sorry you don't even know my name. The name's Zach the rappist and I'm putting you to shame.

M4DNU5: I'm the king of the battle they call me The General, one bar from will turn off your siginal. Float butterfly sting like a bee, I'll break your ego and put you to sleep.

zacsai5: Please Madnus, you can't be serious. I rock you so hard that it's making you delirious. How do I do it? I don't know, it's mysterious. If you want us to teach you just come by and query us.

M4DNU5: Listen you ain't got no shit on me, got you wondering if this is reality, I'll open you up like a lock and key, you can't take no more, FATALITY.

zacsai5: Go ahead and eat your afternoon meal. You got to get away from here, cause shit just got too real. I'm the man around these parts, I've got the crowd appeal. Cause if you talk back I will club you like a baby seal.

zacsai5: This stupid boy doesn't even know the time zones. When it comes to getting slayed by me, you're very prone. See, I'm pumping bullets in you like I'm Al Capone. And by the way, tell your mom if she needs me call me on the phone.

M4DNU5: Cruelty to animals, is that what you support? **** it, what manners were you taught? Talk about clubbng a baby seal, I'm clubbing you so hard it's surreal.

zacsai5: My rhymes are always good, I am the rap battle master. You think up your little comebacks, I think of them faster. I rhyme sophisticated so you need a dictionary. Your rhymes are terrible, they aren't at all imaginary.

M4DNU5: Listen Al Capone, the only bullet you'll fire is through your own. Did I mention, your lyrics are so poor, your mum gets raped on her front door. What I'm doing to you breaks every law, everyday your mum gets down on all fours. She likes my D*ck coz it functions, unlike your life which malfunctions.

You talk about my mom like she's some type of ho. That's cause those are the only sorry insults that you know. You are just jealous of my perfect, flawless flow. Your terrible imagination is starting to show.

zacsai5: I was with your mom last night, she got low, low, low. I loved her so good she was like, "Don't stop, no!" She sucked my balls so hard I was singing soprano. But her face is so messed up it looks like a scarecrow.

M4DNU5: You fucked with the wrong man, you're so small you get blown away by a fan. I'll hurt you whenever I can. When girls see you they run away that's just peak, got no life you're a freak. See I'm so lean, did I hurt you? I didn't want to be mean, I'll hurt you so bad you won't be seen.

zacsai5: I'm seriously fresh, I'm like a rapping machine. You better be scared of me, I'm a poetic fiend. I humiliate you so much, you're worse than Charlie Sheen.

M4DNU5: Jheeeze, I got you saying please. Begging me to stop, begging me to freeze. You don't humiliate me you humiliate yourelf, you're shit bars will decrease you health.

zacsai5: And it's obvious I won, I just want to play this game and have fun. I bet after that food you have the runs.

M4DNU5: I'm done, just liek your mum, after she's been ****ed up her bum, every day and every knight, my dick so larde it gives you the fright.

Memorable MomentsEdit

Kesse(Former room owner) leaving

Auron switching accounts to Will19

Allen42 becoming god

iRbetter leaving (or has he?)[Who?]

Dinosaur Hunters becoming /DH/

Will19 leaving "for good"

Show Your Face Day(extended)

Samsassy4 being replaced by Zeki

uo153 leaving for the RP rooms. He comes back once in a while.

Sopimusician666 being perma'd repeatedly and coming back.

itsnoturDAY found out the existance of this wiki

Our Main ProblemEdit


Newfags run rampant throughout /dh/. They ruin regs' jokes and substitute their own

genius (unfunny) jokes. We would feed them to the pet trolls but kongregate has expressed

disapproval at this method for legal reasons.



A secret room for regs only has been created to help escape the newfaggy mess. But it can only be activated when there are enough regs. The newfags come in waves and the few regs that come in the day are left to fend for themselves. Good luck and good night. PM any reg if you want the room URL. However, non-regs being modded have resulted in regs being banned and a supersecret second room being created.

Death of reg chat

The regs no longer gather nightly in groups of 3-5. The new schedule is 1-3 spread throughout the day. I blame SushiRider.

[1][2][3][4] </li> </li> </li>

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