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Dino Run is a fast-paced runner game developed by Pixeljam. You, a small raptor, must outrun the "Wall of Doom", saving eggs and eating critters along the way. Unlike endless runners, this game has multiple levels to complete. A multiplayer version is available at or


An asteroid has hit the Earth and caused a wave of fiery destruction to sweep the planet. You have to run fast to escape the pyroclastic wall of doom. If you can find the dino sanctuary, you can escape extinction.


The game is a side-scroller where you run towards the right in order to escape the wave of fire sweeping in from the left of the screen. Use WASD or Arrow keys to move the dino. The Shift key gives you a speed boost, but takes 20 seconds to recharge. You can press down while jumping for an air attack.

The game can be played in Challenge or Speedrun mode and there are four difficulty levels. Speedrun mode is not available when you start the game, as it has to be unlocked through gameplay. Challenge is the default game mode and has seven levels in total. The goal of each level is simply to survive by outrunning the doomwave. On each level, there are multiple paths to take, some of them going through underground tunnels. During your run, you may collect bones and dinosaur eggs. Eggs are usually placed in hard-to-reach locations and the time you have to spend collecting them is limited when you're running for your life.

Bones can be used to purchase goodies or unlock speedruns. You get bones by eating critters during your run and by reaching milestones. You can also earn DNA by collecting eggs and eating critters. DNA is a currency used to upgrade your dino's Speed, Acceleration, Jumping and Strength.


  Dinosavior Badge
Easy pts
Dino Run » Rescue a dinosaur
  Apocalypse Then Badge
Medium pts
Dino Run » Complete the challenge mode on "medium" or higher
  Gnarly Pipeline Badge
Hard pts
Dino Run » Doomsurf for 30 seconds
  Chaos Theory Badge
Impossible pts
Dino Run » Leave nothing unaccomplished

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