This is DoS. Home of the DoSsy. It only goes downhill from here. Come lay your weary head to rest, you giants of the past. This is not a role playing room, but hugging is an emote.

If you ever see a mod in the room, make sure to take a screenshot! It's one of the rarest sights on the internet.

Room's ownerEdit


Spunk BubblesEdit





louis1995uk dos reg who does not give a shit about this wiki.

1bookboy Aspiring writer, Autistic and proud, uses the oxford comma regularly. Transffered from the room formerly known as awesomsauce extreme

Waza_dragon Awesomesauce Extremes resident fur "ahem" scalefag. claims to have been around since the original ASE but offers no proof. Insane, disturbing, and unpredictable. Also plays Magic: The Gathering, approach with caution when using sarcasm. Awesomesauce Extreme transfer.

Meppz Is probably the nicest guy on the internet. Really. Also looks like superman. Room moderater/owner of Awesomesause extreme prior to the merging of october 2016

Titanium_jim Is made of titanium. AsE transfer

screwtable Warning! was wanted in ASE, approach with caution!

Suicaedere This guy. This guy. AsE transfer

Fireballdacow Loves to curse and is generally an a-hole. Can be funny if you get to know him.

Room's HistoryEdit

A room handed down from Isfan, to Ysayell1 and now in the hands of PraetorianGuard.

On the 21st of October, 2016, Eggstraordinary and Awesomesauce were merged into DoS.

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