Dark Cut is a surgery game where you use the mouse to control various surgery instruments. You follow the instructions given to save the patient and beat the level.


You play as a medieval doctor who treats patients that the royal guard sends to him. Follow the instructions to successfully treat all 3 patients and complete the game. Simply pick up the surgical instruments that the game tells you to and use them along the dotted line provided. Then put it back down and use the next surgical instrument.


The first level isn't hard, and the only thing people might have more trouble with is the timing of the hammer. The position of the hammer cursor doesn't affect you playing the mini-game, as long as the cursor is in the game screen. Don't feel pressured to do things quickly as mini-games such as the sealing of the tissue with heat takes away the patient's health when you hit the star, and not by the time spent doing it. The second level is even easier as you have no way of failing a lot of the mini-games. The third level is the only one that most people have trouble with, especially when the player has to restart from the very first patient if he fails.

The first trouble is with hammering the stake in. You can treat the stake hitting the extreme left as 1, the middle as 2, and the extreme right as 3. Once you have the rhythm in mind (123,123... is easier than 1232 1232...), aim to hit on the 2 and you should have it on the first try. You can also think of the rhythm 12 12 12 to represent the hard and soft ends when playing the game that relies on timing, both to hammer the stake in and to behead the vampire, although the hammer goes quite fast so you might want to click just before it reaches the 'hard' bar.


  • "HMO" stands for Health Maintenance Organisation.


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Medium pts
Dark Cut » Treat all three patients

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