CycloManiacs is a bicycle racing game in which you race on six different worlds, including the moon.


Each track is a bumpy ride and you can use the hills to jump and press to the space button to bounce your bike off the ground in order to do somersaults. Performing somersaults and wheelies grant you with speed boosts, which can be the key to winning the race. Each playable character has different stats in jumps, stunts, wheelies and speed. You only start out with one character, but there are 20 unlockable different characters in the game.

Cyclomaniacs is a racing game, but the game places more focus on the achievements on each track than on winning races. You'll initially only have access to a single track, but you can unlock 26 tracks on 6 different worlds. Each track has 3 achievements to earn, except for the last track on each world which only has one achievement. There are 70 achievements in total. Completing an achievement unlocks additional tracks and riders.

The game has a cheat interface in the main menu where you may enter cheat codes. There are four different codes the player may use to affect gravity, speed or getting a costume. While a cheat is active, the player cannot earn achievements.


Your placement in a race earns you cash to spend on upgrades. Each skill can be upgraded up to level 10 and applies to all characters.

  • Top Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Brake
  • Boost
  • Spin


Let's Get This Party Started
  "Let's Get This Party Started!" Badge
Easy pts
CycloManiacs » Unlock a second rider
  FIRST! Badge
Medium pts
CycloManiacs » Finish a race in first place
Pimp My Bike
  Pimp My Bike Badge
Medium pts
CycloManiacs » Obtain 35 upgrades and unlock 5 horns
Downhill Domination
  Downhill Domination Badge
Hard pts
CycloManiacs » Unlock all 70 achievements

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Cycloking- Start the game