Cyber Chaser is a runner game where you run, jump and duck from obstacles and shoot enemies in your way. The game is described as a combination of the exciting gameplay of Joyride Jetpack and insane old-school action of Contra.


You play as a runner, running with a weapon equipped and a health bar at the top left hand side of the screen. You are to dodge obstacles, avoid your enemies' attacks and use your equipped weapon to kill them off. Running into obstacles such as spikes and walls, falling off the edges of buildings and being hit by enemy lasers will deplete your health and once your health is completely depleted, the level is over. You will get chests that you can unlock using the keys you've received in that stage and you can use the money earned to upgrade your abilities and purchase better weapons and 'support'. Completing objectives will increase your level and increasing your level will unlock challenges, weapons for equipping and 'support'. There will be 3 episodes, all that can be completed by running the required distance and defeating the boss at the end. Survival mode, which has unlimited distance, will be unlocked upon completing Episode 3.


  Quests for Power Badge
Easy pts
Cyber Chaser » Complete quests and reach level 10
Crates, Coins, and Carnage Badge
  Crates, Coins and Carnage Badge
Medium pts
Cyber Chaser » Complete 6 challenges
  Falling Saucer Badge
Medium pts
Cyber Chaser » Complete all 3 episodes
  Endless Gunner Badge
Hard pts
Cyber Chaser » Run 20,000 meters in survival mode

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