Cuteness Overload
Type Quest
Requirements to Get 1 easy badge,
6 medium badges.
Difficulty Medium
Awards Cuteness Overload medal, 30 points and a Kongpanion

Cuteness Overload is a quest in which you must get badges from games about cute critters. Once the quest is completed, you may choose one previously released Kongpanion that you don't have already. So if you miss any Kongpanions, this quest gives you a way to get one that you missed.

Quest DescriptionEdit

Take in all the cute. Complete the Cuteness Overload Quest to earn the Cuteness Overload Medal and 30 bonus points!


Arm a Dillo
  Arm a Dillo Badge
Medium pts
Curl Up and Fly! » Purchase all 152 upgrades
Clothes Make the Cat
  Clothes Make the Cat Badge
Medium pts
StrikeForce Kitty » Collect 100 pieces of equipment
Family Man
  Family Man Badge
Medium pts
Super Adventure Pals » Help the penguins start a family
  Wagon Wheel Badge
Easy pts
Paladog » Beat level 1-6
Every Dog Has His Day
  Every Dog Has His Day Badge
Medium pts
Sushi Cat 2 » Complete your adventure
^ ^
  ^_^ Badge
Medium pts
Chibi Knight » Defeat the final demon boss
Screw the Pooch
  Screw the Pooch Badge
Medium pts
SeppuKuties » Complete all 21 levels

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