Crush the Castle is a physics game about smashing castles with a trebuchet. The game was inspired by Castle Clout. A Player Pack with additional levels was released in September 2009.


The controls are quite straightforward. Click once to start the trebuchet and click again to release its deadly cargo. Timing is the key to winning.

The projectile blasts away parts of the castle and hopefully the rest of castle topples down with it. The goal of the game is to take out all the people in the castle using the projectiles at your disposal. The people have a tendency to die and spew blood from any minor injury. You only have five shots on a level to take down a castle. As you complete more levels, you unlock different projectile types. You can switch between them at any time by clicking on the type you want. There are 24 levels in the game.


  • Small stone
  • 3 small stones
  • Medium stone
  • 3 medium stones
  • Large stone
  • 3 large stones
  • Bomb
  • 3 bombs


Castle Crushers
  Castle Crushers Badge
Medium pts
Crush the Castle » Destroy all 24 castles

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