Civiballs 2 is a physics puzzle game and is the sequel to Civiballs. The game is about making colored balls fall into the correct vases. It was designed to be more challenging than the first game in the series.


Civiballs 2 gameplay

Playing Civiballs 2

The game is a point & click physics puzzle. The object of the game is getting all the colored balls to fall into vases of the corresponding color. If a ball falls into a vase of the wrong color or a grey ball falls into any vase, the player fails the level. You can release balls by cutting the chain holding them. The order and timing of which they are released affects the puzzle. There are also other objects like launchers ans seesaws which you can release by cutting chains. Balloons, catapults, fountains, and statues are new objects that were not included in the first game.

The game has 31 levels divided up in three sets, each with a theme from an ancient civilization: the Romans, the Vikings and the Incas. There are 10 levels in each set and one final level. Each of the three tracks has its graphical theme and its own difficulty ramp.

Technical DifficultiesEdit

Originally, this game was part of the Physics Pack quest with the Unchained Jeopardy badge being one of the requirements to complete the quest. In 2013, the game was experiencing difficulties and for a period of time the game was broken and unplayable. During this time, it was not possible to get the badges from this game and thus it was not possible to complete the quest. In order to fix this, the badge was removed from the quest and no other badge was put in to replace it.


  Unchained Jeopardy Badge
Medium pts
Civiballs 2 » Obtain a total score of 1000
  Culture Collision Badge
Hard pts
Civiballs 2 » Complete all 31 levels


Civiballs 2 - Full Walkthrough07:49

Civiballs 2 - Full Walkthrough

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