Northern FederationEdit

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Northern Federation Classic

Northern Federation Modern

This is the protagonist's organization in the Battalion series. It seems that it is a superpower, like the U.S. Most of the time this organization has problems such as disloyal members, eg. Durand and Mullen. Pearl is the ´´normal´´ character of here. Argent is a disturbed coward who usually prefers to run from a battle. Tucker is the main protagonist, the player controls him when the North Federation hits the Akadian Empire, another superpower.

Here are the members:

Tucker Ancient SpriteTucker Sprite Tucker

As said before, he is the main character in Battalion: Nemesis, who the player controls. He is fearless and can win any challenge, but in Battalion Ghosts he loses a lot of the battles he oversees.In Battalion Vengeance you control his troops only in one mission but is a hard mission to win, so don´t be disappointed if his participation in final chapter of Battalion Vengeance is not as convincing as it was in Battalion Nemesis.

Argent Argent

He is the most cowardly character of the Battalion series, he only fights in extremes of necessity. He helps sometimes, giving good support. In Battalion: Vengeance, he can be a great help: he allows the player to control  Vulture Drones in the final missions, that are a great support for players and can make winning easier.

Pearl Pearl

She is the brains of the Northern Federation, she always helps the other guys, giving explanations of units before missions.She gives a lot of advice to the player.

Akadian EmpireEdit

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Akadian Empire Classic

Akadian Empire Modern

The Akadian Empire are The Main Antagonist Faction in Battalion Series Since they wanted to rule the world by force Their Commanding Officers are Durand Hayne and Mayjor Major Althought For Hayne he wanted to seek revenge on Durand for Murdering his father and causing the Akadian Empire been turned into a wasteland since he decided to defect and telling Tucker Argent and Yurick to stop Durand once and for all.


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Dragoons Modern

The Dragoons are The Main Protagonists Faction in Battalion Series at one point the Best Army in their Homeland Respected by Northern Federation since Their Goal is to Reclaim their lost Territories from the Akadian Empire Their Leader is Yurick and General Usul The Dragoons had Two Commanding Officers in the Game. Judging their Uniforms been Based of the Waffen SS Minus the Nazi Armband. since the Dragoons had been based of Germany due to their Vehicle Inventions such as the Jammer Truck and a Lancer Tank.


This page's improved info and details thanks to Machow8, since he datamined all games from Battalion: Series.