• Obelisco (This room is really small) (avg 20 users online)
  • La Querencia
  • Armada
  • Torre Entel
  • Casona
  • Jugon

Some other facts: ranking[1]

This links connect to the Spanish Room Ranking, it is updated every week. It has the ranking of every user over lvl40, and lots of facts about each person.

mod list and ranking[2]

The second link is a list of the 36 mods (not their alts, because numbers will double)

Some of the active mods are:

  • Khalu (La Querencia)
  • Lightsun (he is not more in Spanish Rooms)
  • Escorpiona (now she is the owner of Babel)
  • Senchaid (her alts is Sjenka) (Sjenka is in Obelisco, senchaid is in Arabic rooms)
  • Granvieja (owner Casona)
  • Frankcana (Obelisco)
  • Nomade (TE) (owner)
  • Underdog25 (TE)
  • Imbulletproof (Casona)
  • Dexmente (Jugon)
  • Fabdlnltc (Armada)
  • Trenzas (Owner Jugon)
  • Shadowbladed (owner catalonia)
  • Koco (mod casona)
  • ExGray (mod armada)
  • Benjas (mod La Querencia)

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