The Seven Deadly Sins chat rooms make up one of several room themes. Originally, these rooms lacked room owners, but most have since been adopted by moderators.

Generally, the chat rooms that make up the Seven Deadly Sins theme have a long history of attracting a disproportionate number of trolls. This trend has triggered several notable changes made in an attempt to change the trend. The room Lust was renamed to Paradise, effectively removing it from the theme, and the room Envy was changed to Entropic Delirium in an attempt to lessen its incredibly high and problematic population as a 'Sin' room.

Although their names have been changed and thus removed them from the theme, the rooms Paradise and Entropic Delirium are still contained in this category for historical significance.

The rooms Wrath, Gluttony and Greed has been deleted as part of the cleanup of rooms with extremely low activity.

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